Staying in Style at Luxury Lodges in Kenya

by | Apr 6, 2016 | lodges

If your bucket list includes taking a safari in Africa, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are luxury lodges in Kenya to stay in during your visit. That is, you have a choice … under the stars in a thatched roof hut or under soft sheets in a 5-star hotel. Or perhaps, you’d prefer to mix it up and spend parts of your journey in different types of lodging. In any case, it’s good to have choices.

Zebras and Wildebeests and Champagne, Oh My!

You might have already imagined that you would be able to see the first two – zebras and wildebeests – during your jaunt into Africa’s wild lands. But, a bottle of bubbly, too? Maybe that wasn’t quite how you envisioned a Kenyan stay. Well, it’s not as unusual as it might sound at first.

The wide variety of establishments hosting guests during their visit to Kenya is remarkable. This makes it possible to settle in at quaint bed and breakfast inns or indulge in the offerings of luxury lodges in Kenya. There you can drink a toast to a full day on the savanna.

Modern and Inviting

The majestic animals traveling in great herds across the African plains are what will most likely come to mind when you think about a safari experience. Hold onto that thought, and then go above and beyond that vision by adding a bubble bath in an opulent, stylish hotel where caviar is only a short call to room service away. Your standard bucket list item can instantly be transformed into a unique, lavish spree. Now that’s a bucket list!

Maybe it’s time to get serious about making your dream of a safari vacation in Africa a reality, and now you can take a look at the full assortment of inns, camps, hotels and lodges that will make your adventure as memorable as possible. Though it might not be the way you pictured it in the beginning, you have the opportunity to elevate your stay by booking at one of the luxury lodges in Kenya.

Making a Dream Come True

As you make plans for your once-in-a-lifetime expedition, you’ll want to make your arrangements well in advance, including the luxury lodges in Kenya. Whether you opt for the back-to-nature accommodations or luxury lodges in Kenya, or a combination of both during your stay, you’ll be able to fulfill your hopes for a grand adventure and have abundant memories to savor. Contact Safari and Lodge for more information!

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