Starting A Premises Liability Claim With An Accident Attorney In Upper Marlboro

Starting A Premises Liability Claim With An Accident Attorney In Upper Marlboro

In Maryland, premises liabilities apply when a property owner fails to keep their property safe. Conditions inside and outside the property could be deemed hazardous to visitors. Typical victims involved in the cases are visitors who were invited to the property or utility workers who must enter the property. An Accident Attorney in Upper Marlboro represents victims of premises liabilities.

Hazards Around the Property

The most common cause of a premises liability is a hazard around the property. For commercial property owners, the hazards include damaged parking lots, walkways, uneven flooring, and wet flooring. For residential property owners, the conditions are dangerous materials found around the home that cause a visitor to fall.

Knowledge of the Hazards

The attorney must show that the property owner had knowledge of the condition. The condition must be a hazard for which there wasn’t any way that the owner couldn’t have overlooked it. For example, a wet floor in a store that caused a slip and fall accident makes the owner liable if a wet floor sign wasn’t present.

The Type of Injuries Sustained

The type of injuries must be identified through medical records. The victim must visit their doctor and acquire documentation. The doctor’s diagnosis explains any medical treatment needed for the condition. The severity level of the injuries may increase the total award if the victim wins their case. For example, disfigurements, disabilities, or the loss of limb or organ function may increase the award significantly.

The Damages Awarded to Victims

If the victim wins, all medical costs are covered, and wages are replaced. Any expenses incurred by the victim are listed in the claim, and the damages will include any additional costs. Tort-based awards are provided when the injuries caused profound losses for the victim.

In Maryland, premises liability cases are started when an individual sustains injuries during a visit or part of their job. Utility workers must enter the exterior of properties to perform their job duties. Conditions around the home must not present a risk to the visitors. Victims of a premises liability can contact an Accident Attorney in Upper Marlboro through the Jaklitsch Law Group today.

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