Special and Antique Area Rug Cleanng in Fairfield County CT

Special and Antique Area Rug Cleanng in Fairfield County CT

Handmade rugs and antique rugs, such as Oriental and Persian ones, cannot be cleaned like ordinary area rugs. Pressure, chemicals, and too much heat or steam will ruin the fibers, damage any fringe on the edges, and possibly shrink the rug. Wool can become frayed, loose color, or have weaving loosen if handled improperly. Authentic handmade rugs are an investment and need to be washed and cleaned by hand. Stain removal is an art form developed by craftsman and restoration experts. One washing can strip a rug if its beauty and its value. Do not take that risk by attempting to clean the rug yourself.

Proper procedures are offered for handmade and antique Area Rug Cleaning in Fairfield County CT. The company provides services for Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and offer services to those who are willing to have rugs shipped to their location. Once a rug arrives at the shop, the owners take full responsibility for the rug while it is in their care. Owners receive a signed agreement that guarantees the rug will be handled with special care throughout the e tire cleaning process. The company has operated for ten years in Connecticut, but has been trusted with rugs for over one-hundred years in Turkey.

In addition to Area Rug Cleaning in Fairfield County CT, new rugs are sold and repair or restoration services are available. Re-sizing, binding, and preparing rugs for hanging are also services provided. Restoration is a specialty that can take several months to complete. Moth, water, and fire damage, even if extensive, can be restored. Rips, worn areas, holes, and fringe are repaired by craftsman using traditional weaving techniques on authentic looms. The wool used in restorations is matched to the age of the carpet so people can barely tell the difference between the original part and the restored areas. Wool is also hand-dyed to avoid color variations. Free estimates are available to customers throughout the country. This is possible by filling out the estimate request form and including a picture of the rug. Those interested in services, or have any questions regarding the cleaning and restoration process can Contact The Golden Horn on their website.

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