Some of the Key Bike Accessories for Sale in Temecula

A bicycle is a great way to get around as well as a great way to exercise. Many people like to ride their bicycles to work to boost their own fitness levels and do a little bit to help the environment. Some people like to cycle for exercise, while others like to cycle for fun. Whichever reason has driven you to ride a bicycle; you know how great they can be. The sense of freedom and purpose is unmatched. However, they are very prone to some malfunctions. Many of the moving parts are exposed to the elements which mean that they can be more easily damaged than a component under the hood of a car. Fortunately, many of these vulnerable parts are widely available should your bike ever malfunction. Here are a few of the incredibly useful bike accessories for sale in stores all the time.


The sprocket is the gear with the teeth that actually engages your bike chain. The most common problem for a sprocket is bending. Your sprocket can bend for many different reasons, but usually it happens from some kind of collision or accident. If your sprocket is bent, it might be difficult to engage your chain and keep it engaged. Sprockets are one of the most common bike accessories for sale in Temecula. If you go to a professional shop such as Alan’s Bike Shop, you will have your pick of several kinds of sprockets.


The derailleur is the mechanism that engages and disengages the chain when you change gears. It is a complex mechanism that has many moving parts. Because of how much you engage it and also because of various road hazards, they can become inefficient. If you are having trouble changing gears, you should look for a new derailleur at any store with bike accessories for sale. Buy from a trusted company to get good products.

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