So You’re Moving to Another Country

It’s one thing to move across town or to another state. Even moving across the country can be a major ordeal. However, if you plan an international relocation, you may have no idea just how many things need to be taken care of. First, you should find reputable international movers in Miami and here are some important tips to help you get through the process with minimal problems.

Check into a Multiple Entry Visa

You will need a visa to enter your new county, but if you apply for a single entry visa, you must reapply if you leave and then come back. When you first move you may need to travel back and forth several times, and a visa which allows for multiple entries is the most convenient and cost effective way to travel.

Customs Clearance

Your things will need to clear customs to enter the new country. Make sure to choose international movers in Miami certified by Homeland Security and the TSA. This ensures your belongings will get through quickly and with few problems.

Back Up All Important Documents and Papers

You need to bring a lot of important papers like passports, birth certificates, immunizations, driver’s licenses and other things. Make sure to scan all these papers and maintain digital copies. In fact, you can place them on a flash drive and keep them in your pocket. A tiny flash drive will hold all the scanned documents you need. They can be purchased almost anywhere these days and hold a surprisingly large amount of information.

For maximum security, back up all your important ID and financial information in the cloud. There are several excellent online storage services available, and they are inexpensive. Also, you won’t have to move your backup data, and it is protected against theft, fire and some hazards.

Destination Services

When you choose international movers Miami trusts, you will receive top quality destination service. For example, your move coordinator is there to help orient you to the new home and surroundings. You have assistance with driver’s licenses and home buying. Touring services are also available. Your movers help you

find the right schools and do what it takes to get settled into your new residence.
Make sure your international movers in Miami can take care of all your moving needs. The best companies offer these services:

  • Crating
  • Specialty packing
  • Debris removal
  • Freight forwarding
  • Land, ocean and air transportation capabilities
  • Move tracking services
  • Claims management services
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