A Smoke Damage Restoration Service Clifton Park can Remove All Traces of a Fire

A Smoke Damage Restoration Service Clifton Park can Remove All Traces of a Fire

After a fire, smoke and water residue should be removed as quickly as possible. Many people fail to realize that smoke not only affects the immediate area, it can also penetrate through walls and ceilings and enter the heating and air conditioning systems as well. A smoke damage restoration service Clifton Park works to remove smoke residue from all hidden areas along with the areas that are in clear view.

Smoke Damage

After a fire has been extinguished, smoke and soot will soon settle on everything in sight, covering it with a greasy residue that is often difficult to remove. Drapes and fabrics can be commercially washed, while furniture must be professionally cleaned to remove all traces of the residue. If not done correctly, a smokey, charred smell may remain in the air long after the fact. It’s important to clean everything from top to bottom and to check for any residue that has settled inside of spaces that have openings of any kind. This may include electronic items, such as computers and gaming systems, and the ventilation system of the property.

Smoke Removal

Removing smoke and soot can be a daunting task. An individual should always wear a mask during the process to avoid breathing in any residue which could cause respiratory issues or even lung damage. Safety goggles should also be worn to protect an individual’s eyes from soot particles that may move about during the cleaning process. All areas that have been exposed to smoke and soot should be thoroughly wiped down with a TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) solution or a commercial cleaning product to completely remove it.

In cases where smoke has entered the HVAC system, the entire system should be cleaned before it is put back into use. Failure to remove all smoke and soot residue after a fire may result in the occupants having ongoing respiratory issues after moving back into the property.

To properly restore a facility after a fire, it’s crucial to have a smoke damage restoration service Clifton Park begin the cleanup process as soon as possible. Not doing so may result in mold growth, which could compound the recovery problems. Taking care to remove all smoke and soot from the premises can eliminate lingering odors and make the environment safe to live in.

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