Single Acting Cylinder: Relevant Qualities And Specifications

Single Acting Cylinder: Relevant Qualities And Specifications

Cylinders are an integral component of many diverse industrial equipment. They are responsible for transforming hydraulic energy into mechanical force. Among the most common types available to produce this action is the single acting cylinder. When purchasing this specific model, it is important to ensure it possesses the relevant characteristics and specifications.

Relevant Qualities

When looking to purchase single acting cylinders, it is important to look at various qualities. If the device is to be effective in performing its function, it must meet certain requirements and possess certain qualities.

  • What the required capacity is for the function it is to perform?
  • Look at the specific environmental considerations
  • Examine and note the exact requirements demanded to perform the work
  • Be sure it harmonizes with other components within the system
  • Consider the durability and longevity of various models
  • Check the reputation of the various brands

This should provide you with the basis upon which to narrow your selection down to one specific model or brand of single acting cylinder.


If you want the cylinder to function at its best, it is important to go beyond the more general characteristics and consider exact specifications. For it to meet certain exacting requirements, note the following

  • Bore Diameter of the Cylinder
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
  • Rod Diameter
  • Stroke

By combining the general qualities with the exact specifications your equipment requires, your company can select single acting cylinders better able to function in accordance with the demands of the devices.

Single Acting Cylinder

When selecting the right cylinder to provide your company with exactly what it requires to function optimally, it is imperative to consider a variety of factors. It is important to look at general qualities as well as specific requirements. Be sure to make all involved departments and individuals as part of the decision-making process. This helps to ensure the choice of that model of single acting cylinder is the right one.

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