Simple Steps for Basic Central Air Conditioning Repair in Wichita Kansas

Your air conditioning system is the major appliance that alters properties of air such as temperature and humidity to make air suitable for your home. This system also removes many particulates that are bothersome and potentially dangerous such as allergens and microbes. When your AC system does not operate correctly, it can compromise indoor air quality and the health of household occupants. By performing basic central Air Conditioning Repair in Wichita Kansas, you can get your AC system running again and avoid costly repairs. Use the following guidelines for this job.

Before you can work on your air conditioner, learn where the main parts of your system are located. The condensor is located outside the home. It’s usually situated on a flat surface such as a slab concrete. The evaporator is located above the furnace in the plenum.

If your condenser does not run at all, ensure that there is unhindered access to power. Look in the main entrance panel or a separate entrance panel for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. These safety devices interrupt circuit flow when there is an overload of electricity or a short circuit. Reset any tripped circuit breakers and replace blown fuses. If the condenser still does not turn on but your electrical system is working correctly, lower the thermostat by 5 degrees. Also, ensure that the setting of the thermostat is in “cool” mode. If the unit does not come on within a minute or two, repeat this step. When this fails to produce a desired result, you may need to call an AC repairman.

When you have an AC system that runs but is not cooling the air properly, lower the thermostat by 5 degrees. You may need to clean the condensor. To do this, remove all vines and other plants from the area the condensor is in. Use a commercial coil cleaner to get grime of the condensor coil. It’s a good idea to also clean the evaporator. If your air does not cool after these actions, it’s advisable to call an AC repairman.

Performing basic central air conditioning repair company will help restore the lost functionality of a defective AC system.

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