Signs You Need A Philadelphia, PA, Accident Lawyer

Signs You Need A Philadelphia, PA, Accident Lawyer

Vehicle accidents happen daily in and around Philadephia, PA. Often the weather has a factor in the number of accidents, but distracted drivers, speeding, impaired drivers, and drivers simply failing to follow common sense on the roads also play a significant role in the number of crashes.

Many of the car accidents are resolved without a lot of stress or worry on the part of anyone involved in the accident. In these types of cases, it is not necessary to use an accident lawyer.

However, even with what may seem like a straightforward issue where fault appears to be evident, having an attorney on your side is essential. There are several key signs you need to contact an accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA to work on your behalf in obtaining a fair settlement or award.

Significant Injuries

In any accident where there are significant injuries, working with an accident attorney should be a priority. These cases are often complicated, and determining both short and long-term medical expenses as well as other damages is difficult.

Insurance companies often make an early offer of a low settlement amount, which may seem attractive as medical bills start arriving. However, accepting this low offer eliminates your ability for future compensation.

Insurance Company Denying Fault

If the fault for the accident is challenged by the insurance company, you need an accident lawyer to present information to prove your case. The insurance company has attorneys representing their interests, and you should always have the same.

Vehicle Failure or Third-Party Fault

In some cases, the accident may be caused by the failure of a part in the vehicle. When this happens, there may be multiple parties involved in the legal action. Third-party issues such as poorly repaired roads, traffic sign or light failures or other issues may also be a factor in the accident.

The best law firms offering legal services for car accidents in Philadelphia, PA, provide a free case consultation. This consultation is highly effective in understanding your case and your options.

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