Signs It’s Time for Brake Replacement in Wheeling, IL

In order to keep any vehicle in safe operating condition, car owners should ensure that all of its systems are in good working order. Unfortunately, the majority of drivers in Illinois don’t head to the mechanic until something goes wrong. That may be fine for comparatively superficial issues such as air conditioning systems and radios, but waiting too long to address essential safety issues such as trouble with the brakes can lead to serious accidents or even death.

Even drivers who aren’t willing to take their cars in for routine maintenance instead of avoidable repairs need to be on the lookout for brake issues. Read on to find out about a few warning signs that brake replacement in Wheeling IL is necessary.

Grinding Sounds

One of the most obvious symptoms of serious brake troubles is a loud grinding sound that starts when the brakes are depressed. The sound indicates worn brake pads, which need to be replaced immediately. Failing to replace the brake pads when they are too worn can soon lead to problems with the rotors, and if left unaddressed for too long can lead to complete brake failure.

Pedal Vibrates

If the brake pedal is vibrating when pushed down, it’s likely a sign that the vehicle’s brake pads are worn out. The vibrating is caused by an inability for the brake pads to find purchase on the tires, causing the entire system to shudder violently. It’s important to head to an auto shop as soon as possible before damage occurs to the braking system.

Brakes Just Don’t Work

By far the worst way to find out that a vehicle needs brake replacement in Wheeling IL is to push down on the brake pedal and find that nothing happens. Most of the time this isn’t as scary as it sounds. Typically, even brakes and rotors that are in a state of extreme disrepair will still produce some noticeable results, but the longer the issue is allowed to persist, the less effective they will be at slowing the car down.

Contact an Auto Shop Today

Experiencing any of the warning signs listed above? It’s time to consult a professional. Visit website for information about one local auto shop, or get in contact to schedule an appointment today. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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