Signs that your transmission should be flushed

Signs that your transmission should be flushed

One of the most common reasons for requiring transmission repair in Fort Wayne IN is not flushing it periodically. There are a number of signs that indicate a flush is necessary; strange noises, problems with the gears shifting, slippage, surging and delay in movement of the vehicle when the transmission is placed in gear.

In the majority of cases having a transmission flush every 30,000 miles or every two years is sufficient. There are certain situations, such as towing a trailer consistently that may require more frequent attention. Let’s look at the signs that indicate a transmission flush is in order.

*  Grinding or odd noises: Dirty transmission fluid can display similar symptoms to what is expected if the fluid level is low. As you drive your vehicle, if you should notice unusual sounds or a grinding noise stop the car immediately and check the fluid level while the engine is running. If the level is OK then this is a sure indication that you need a transmission flush and replacement fluid.

*  Difficulty in shifting gears: When the transmission is dirty there can be a feeling of reduced power, similar to the feel you get when the fluid level is low. For the transmission to stay in gear there has to be sufficient pressure, if the transmission is dirty or full of sludge these contaminants can interfere with the proper flow of the transmission fluid. If you check the level the problem might be flow restrictions due to contamination in the transmission that needs to be flushed out. This is a common request made to shops that perform transmission repair in Fort Wayne IN.

*  Vehicle surging: When the transmission of your vehicle becomes contaminated with dirt and other foreign material and needs flushing you will normally experience a noticeable but unexplainable surge of the vehicle. As the dirty transmission doesn’t allow the proper flow of fluid, the vehicle tends to surge forward or backwards, a feeling that the car is jumping either one way or the other for no reason. The cause of these phenomena is an inconsistent flow of fluid that is required to ensure smooth functioning and operation of the gears and other components in the transmission.

Transmission repair in Fort Wayne IN can be avoided if the transmission is well maintained and the car is taken periodically for service including transmission flush.

If you need transmission repair in Fort Wayne IN you are invited to visit Kruse Automotive Service. You can count on the skilled technicians at Kruse to do the job right; the first time.

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