Signs That It’s Time to Call a Mice Exterminator in the Bronx

Signs That It’s Time to Call a Mice Exterminator in the Bronx

A mouse may seem cute when it’s in a cartoon or in a pet store, but they can make a real mess when they’re running loose inside a home. Mice can spread germs and disease, and they can go unobserved for months. If there’s one mouse, there are likely to be more, and the following signs can point out an infestation in the home.

Food Debris

Mice chew into food, wherever it may be. A homeowner may find holes in bags of pet food or paintry containers. In some cases, the chew pattern may show teeth marks, and debris is usually found. In the case of a food source such as bird seed, pieces are sometimes found near nests rather than at the extraction point.

Traffic Pattern

Mice travel in very specific patterns. In most instances, they will stay as close as possible to the walls. In an unfinished basement, the homeowner may be able to spot dirt on walls under ceiling joists, where mice swing from one point to another.

Entrance and Nesting Debris

Mice prefer to find cozy spots to sleep, eat, live and to give birth. If a homeowner finds a hidden area where insulation is conspicuously removed, it could indicate nearby mouse activity.


One of the most obvious signs of a rodent issue is a pattering or scratching sound in the ceilings and walls during the night. Pay careful attention to the location of the sound, and focus on the area each day until professional help arrives.

Professional Rodent Management

Professionals use mice management materials that are unavailable to consumers. A Mice Exterminator in Bronx runs into mouse infestations all the time, and they are prepared to implement management methods to quickly get rid of a rodent problem. In addition to solving existing problems, homeowners should use a quarterly maintenance program to control populations around the home before they get into the structure.

Mice may seem cute and harmless, but they can cause significant damage. If a homeowner is having problems with rodents, they can Check Out to speak to a mice exterminator in Bronx.

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