Signs of a Quality Agent at Furman Realty

There is no question that hiring a real estate agent from Furman Realty offers a number of advantages. However, most people don’t know what separates a good agent from a sub-par one. Here a potential home buyer will find some qualities and characteristics they should look for when hiring a real estate agent.

Cares about the Buyers Goals

A quality real estate agent will care more about the buyer’s goals and priorities than the commission they receive. Smart agents understand that if they take care of their buyers, then the commission will come.

Only Accepts a Certain Number of Clients

Furman Realty agents also only accept a limited number of clients at one time. This ensures they have the time to dedicate to helping each one find the home they want and need. They also understand that some buyers will need more time and attention than others and accommodate for this.

They Know the Market in the Area

Any quality real estate agent is going to know the market in the geographic location very well. This includes the pros and cons of the area, various neighborhoods, market trends, values and any legal issues. They will also know the other agents that work in the area.

Negotiates Effectively for their Client

Agents who are really working for their client will work to negotiate aggressively to get the very best price and terms possible. A quality negotiator will also be committed to the buyers interests and can help to make a three to five percent difference in the home’s selling price on behalf of their client -; in some cases, more.

Doesn’t Make Decisions for the Client

No quality real estate agent is going to make a decision for their client or push them to make a certain decision. Instead, they will present all the information that has been gathered and offer strategies and options for the client to consider.

There is no reason to rush into a new home purchase. Taking the time to learn about what makes a good real estate agent can help anyone find the right person for the job.

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