Signs Drainage Repairs in Guilford, CT are Needed

The drainage system is the one item that protects against thousands of dollars in repairs. Water is an insidious invader and can undermine surfaces such as basketball and tennis courts. It can create cracks and divots. It can also render the surface unplayable. Much of this damage can be avoided with the proper drainage system. These are some signs that the system is need of repairs.

A buildup of water on the courts is a sign that Drainage Repairs in Guilford CT are needed. This is a signal that the drainage system is not keeping up with demands of a rainstorm or a surface cleaning. This can be due to clogged piping or damaged pipes that aren’t directing the water correctly. The pooling water will cause damage to the surface if it isn’t removed in a timely manner.

The pooling water around the foundation of the courts is another sign that the drainage system is not functional as required. Water pooling around foundations can undermine the strength of the courts. This can cause the shifting and cracking of the courts creating uneven surfaces of play due to the shifting soil. The drainage system is designed to also filter water away from the foundation to prevent this from occurring.

Broken pipes or damaged grating can also be a sign that Drainage Repairs in Guilford CT are needed. Pipes can be uncovered during construction problems or other types of digging. Sometimes, the pooling of water in a particular area can identify these issues. An unusual moisture in the soil levels will also indicate broken piping. All of the piping may need to be uncovered to discover exactly where the breach has occurred. The entire system may have to be replaced depending on the amount of the damage that has occurred to the piping.

The drainage system requires regular maintenance in order to remain operational. If damage occurs, the system may become overloaded, and subsequent water damage can occur. This can ruin the surface of courts and cause thousands of dollars in repairs.

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