Should Your Garden Shed Move with You?

Should Your Garden Shed Move with You?

Moving the contents of your garden shed to your new home is not a difficult task, particularly when you use the services of professional movers in Jackson MS. Should you complete the task of moving your tools and shed contents yourself, you must take great care of heavy and dangerous tools. What if you want to move the shed as well?

Do You Dismantle the Shed?

You should dismantle your shed if you wish your movers in Jackson, MS to pack it as part of your possessions when you move home. Whether it is capable of moving, is another question.

Garden sheds are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, using plastic, wood or metal. They may be small enough to carefully store a few garden tools, or big enough to drive in a driven lawnmower.

When considering whether it is worth dismantling the shed, to ask your movers in Jackson, MS to transport it and then reassemble the item at your new home, will be decided by the quality of the shed. During the dismantling process, you will quickly learn whether the shed is capable of being reassembled or whether it has deteriorated too far.

Carefully removing nails and screws from a wooden shed is essential if you are to cause the least amount of damage. You may not be able to save felt or other soft materials that are part of the roof. You may need to purchase new materials to cover the roof at your new location.

A plastic shed is easier to take apart and keep in good condition, providing the plastic has not deteriorated while sitting out in the sun and suffering from various weather conditions over the years. Where you kept the instructions for putting the plastic shed together, you will find it easier to reassemble in your new home.

Your moving company will probably not be the right people to ask to reassemble your garden shed at your new home, but it will probably not be the strangest question they have ever been asked.

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