Should You Buy Contact Lenses in Grand Rapids?

Many people must wear eyeglasses to correct their vision. Proper vision makes it possible to see and perform many daily activities including work tasks. However, maybe you are thinking about a glasses alternative like contact lenses. Here are some good reasons to consider contact lenses.


You might like the way you look without glasses on your face. It can make a big difference, especially for women. In fact, some women go through life with limited vision just to look better, but this is not necessary today. Modern contacts can give you excellent vision without the need for wearing glasses, but this is only one of many reasons to consider contact lenses in Grand Rapids.

Natural Vision

Eyeglasses are not worn directly on the eyes. As a result, you may receive some distortion with the lenses, although it is usually minimal. However, contacts can result in more natural vision, because there is no gap between eye and lens.

Improved Peripheral Vision

When you wear eyeglasses, it corrects your forward vision only. There is no improvement in your peripheral vision (to the sides). However, if you wear contact lenses in Grand Rapids, you’ll be able to see better to the sides. In addition, glasses do not give you better vision upward or downward. You must move your head in order to bring the lenses into your field of view. This can make it difficult for men to shave their faces in the mirror, and this problem does not happen with contacts.

Clearer Vision

The lenses in eye glasses can correct your vision perfectly. However, there are visual obstructions created by the frames, and the ears. Frameless lenses can help to minimize obstructions, but if you want to eliminate them, you may wish to consider contact lenses.

Frame Slippage

For many glasses wearers, constant adjustments can be very annoying. For example, after a while, the frame may slide downward on the nose and you must push them up frequently. With contact lenses in Grand Rapids this is never an issue.


How many times have you ventured out of doors and your eyeglasses instantly fogged up? This happens when you enter a change of humidity. Your contact lenses will not fog up and cloud your vision.

Active Lifestyles

Do you play a lot of sports and stay active? You may want to look into the possibilities of contact lenses. They can give you the kind of freedom non glasses wearers enjoy. For best results, choose an optometrist who sees patients for contact lenses every day. These professionals have all the latest equipment and knowledge to give you the best contact lenses Grand Rapids has to offer.

When you want contact lenses Grand Rapids trusts, come to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. Our specialized contact lens team has years of experience and the latest in diagnostic equipment.

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