Should a Landlord Enforce a Residential Cleaning Service in Meridian For Their Tenants?

Any landlord who has been at it long enough has a story- or five. Tenants come in all shapes and sizes, and in all degrees of cleanliness. Many landlords are worried about the condition of their home as it is being lived in. A Residential Cleaning Service in Meridian could be the workaround they are seeking to confirm the condition of their home. Is it worth it? What are some things to know about residential cleaning? Firstly, landlords need to ask why they want residential cleaning but probing into a few questions.

What is Worth Protecting?

What, in the home, is worth protecting? Take, for example, the presence of furniture. If the home is emptied, then the tenant likely supplies the furniture. If that is the case, then they own it. So, protecting the furniture isn’t really a consideration, and should squarely fall on the tenant (as nice as one can be, a landlord should have no obligation to care for their tenant’s furniture). Landlords who only have a home to consider (the walls, the structural condition) can perhaps be more open-minded about a cleaning service. Of course, a residential cleaning service could be a wonderful thing to offer to make a specific home more competitive in the rental market.

Paid or Not

A landlord could take the initiative to pay for the service directly. This means no adding to the rent to accommodate the extra expense or upping the water bill. It means taking care of the cleaning service out of pocket. Some may balk at the idea, but it really comes down to how reserved the tenant is. If they have no desire to pay for the service, it may be in a landlord’s best interest to just handle it. Consider the furniture, the condition of the home, and other elements to see if it is worth getting. If a landlord can’t get a tenant to pay for it, it may be worth going ahead with anyway.

Is a Residential Cleaning Service in Meridian good for a landlord? Most of the time, yes. A landlord can protect their home while offering a great service addition for their residents. In all, everyone wins. Reach out to Servicemaster Clean for more.

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