Share Information With CD Replication In Chicago

Having the ability to use cloud storage to access information from anywhere you have internet connections makes it simple to provide access to business associates, sales reps and even customers. To add even more value and access to information, consider sharing this information on customized CDs make through a professional CD replication service in Chicago.

Through having information on a CD, including the “how to” videos, product demos, podcasts and other types of media presentations you provide a complete copy of the information in a very easy to access formula. Even customers that aren’t tech savvy and may not be comfortable in creating a login to access cloud-based material will take the time to look at the information provided on a CD.

Replication and Duplication

It is important to understand that when requiring large numbers of copies of information, CD replication rather than CD duplication is always the best option. Duplication is literally copying the original CD over and over, which can be done very quickly with simple duplication machines that produce multiple copies of the CD at the same time.

On the other hand, CD replication is necessary when there are large orders, typically over 500, and the quality of the copy is critical. Unlike duplication, replication requires the development of a master copy of the original, and then the replications are made from the master copy.

This process ensures that each replica is an exact copy of the original. With duplication of very large numbers of CDs the quality will degrade with multiple copies, but that is not the case with replication where the master ensures an exact copy even with very large runs.

Choosing a CD Replication Company

Before choosing a CD replication service in Chicago, it is important to ask several questions. These questions will ensure that you are truly receiving replicated and not duplicated CDs.

Ask the company about their process for replication. It will take longer than duplication as there are several more steps involved and the replication is done at speeds for optimal quality, not simply to produce a small number of copies.

Check the lead time that the company requires for CD replication services as well. When quality counts and you want the best possible CDs then leaving enough lead time to allow the printer to do their job is going to be an essential consideration. Knowing in advance how much time is needed for large runs of hundreds or thousands of CDs will help you to plan and coordinate your order.

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