Services Offered by a Landscape Architect in Fairfield Connecticut

Services Offered by a Landscape Architect in Fairfield Connecticut

Landscape can be a noun or a verb and describes either aesthetic scenery or the improvement of an area of land. If you live in the suburbs, your yard is your landscape. Likewise, if you live in a rural area your acreage is your landscape.

Landscaping can encompass anything that makes your property functional and/or appealing. A Landscape Architect in Fairfield Connecticut is a professional who helps you determine your landscaping needs and aids in the implementation of approved projects. The following will discuss some of the services you can expect from a professional landscape architect.


Whether you are considering landscaping services for your residential lawn or a commercial property like a business complex or park, professional landscape architects can help you get started with an initial consultation. This is the time to discuss the elements you want for your property and where the landscape professional explains what it will involve, the costs, and anything that will be needed for the property. You will get answers to questions and look at photos of their work as well as learn about sustainable landscapes.


The features you choose can include fencing like stone walls, white picket fencing, and patio stones that fit into the colonial era. The main goal is to match and complement the current structure’s architecture instead of contrasting with less appealing features. Even the planter boxes and plants should fit into the era. People choose a landscape architect in Fairfield Connecticut to help them choose flowers like hydrangeas, hollies, and formal foliage.


Once you decide on the elements and features you want and need for your property, the landscape architect will begin designing a plan/blueprint for the project. Most of the landscape in the Fairfield County area still looks a lot like it did in colonial times. The goal of most business owners and homeowner is to maintain this appearance to pay tribute to the colonists who built the structures and worked the land during that era.

The final step after choosing the features and elements of your landscape is the implementation of the project. Qualified workers will work on your project, which may take a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of your landscape and the elements you have chosen. Commercial projects take more time than residential in most cases. Northeast Horticultural Services have the professionals to help you with all your landscaping needs.


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