Septic Tank Cleaning in Olympia, WA Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Home Maintenance

Septic Tank Cleaning in Olympia WA is something a homeowner just can’t afford to overlook. Indoor plumbing is a wonderful convenience of modern times, but these systems have to be maintained to continue functioning properly. One of the most important parts of a home’s plumbing system can be the septic tank.

Using Additives

In many instances, homeowners avoid scheduling regular septic cleaning because they use additives for the systems. These additives usually claim to be able to keep a proper balance in a septic system. The truth is that these additives don’t have much of a positive effect on septic systems and can actually make matters worse when used too frequently. Some additives contain bacteria that is much stronger than those typically found in septic tanks. This can lead to waste breaking down into smaller particles that can eventually lead to blocked drainfields.

How Often?

It’s only natural for a homeowner to wonder about how often they should get Septic Tank Cleaning in Olympia WA. Recommendations from experts range from once every three years to only getting service once every five years. Usually, the size of the system and the number of residents are major factors in determining cleaning frequency. A person who is living in a house by themselves usually won’t require cleaning services as much as a home that has five or more occupants.

Common Mistakes

Some homeowners make far too many mistakes with their septic systems and doing so ends up costing them dearly. Grease and oil can cause serious problems for septic tanks if allowed to accumulate. That’s why homeowners should wipe down greasy and oily dishes before washing them. Pouring oil and grease into containers instead of drains goes a long way when it comes to protecting a septic system. Non-biodegradable items should never be allowed into a septic system.

What homeowner wants to face a bill in excess of $10,000 for a home repair? That’s what some homeowners face when they fail to take care of their septic systems. A cleaning doesn’t cost much at all when compared to some of the quotes contractors give for major work on septic systems.

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