Septic Pumping in Lewisville TX Keeps a Mound System Functioning Properly

When you’re planning to buy rural property around Lewisville where you’ll have a house built for your family, you may come across land for sale that is completely undeveloped. That means it doesn’t have the most basic features required for residential living: a well and a septic system. If you buy this land, you must pay professionals to dig and install a well, and to install a septic tank and build a drain field.

Before having a septic tank installed, you also must have a qualified technician determine whether your land is suitable for a flat drain field. Sometimes soil cannot percolate liquid from a private sewer system effectively. In that case, the workers can build a mound system that provides extra soil for the septic tank effluent. The mound is a long, relatively narrow stretch of soil on which you can plant grass so it blends in with the rest of your yard.

Once the system is installed, you simply need to treat it the way you would manage a conventional system. Occasionally you must have Septic Pumping in Lewisville TX done by licensed technicians. That removes the buildup of solids that have sunk to the bottom of the tank. This waste material cannot flow to the drain field, so it stays in the tank until you have the system pumped.

It’s important not to flush items down the toilet that clog up the tank and force you to have it pumped more frequently than you otherwise would. For example, don’t flush dental floss, sanitary wipes, tampons or hair. Anything that does not fully biodegrade is unacceptable; that means you can safely flush human waste and white toilet paper nothing else.

If you manage your septic system properly, you won’t need to have it pumped often. Homeowners generally get their Septic Pumping in Lewisville TX performed every two to three years, as recommended by the Denton County Environmental Division. Having the tank cleaned out allows you to avoid any sewer backups and also to have the tank and connecting pipes inspected so you know everything is still in excellent working condition. Click here to learn more.

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