Why SEO Still Matters

SEO (search engine optimization) has been around for years. However, thanks to search engines like Google and other stalwarts, it still matters. Search optimization in Lehigh Valley involves a number of factors, including geographically specific SEO tactics. Here are a few ideas to get your company fully outfitted to continue to ride the SEO wave.

1. Paid Versus Organic Advertising

The core goal of any website is to draw traffic to a domain, especially if you’re working in eCommerce. Nonetheless, the field doesn’t matter since your customer can come from just about anywhere. It’s possible to pay for popular keywords on Google, which can be both a blessing or burden. It depends on whether you play it smart. Identify your niche keywords, and if they’re unique enough, it’ll cost you less to pay for search term ads than if you go with the most popular keywords.

2. Social Media Matters

Your Facebook page needs to be just as optimized and keyword rich as you regular webpage, says Search Engine Land. However, Facebook is standard, and you also need to venture out into other areas and optimize your accounts on sites like Twitter and Instagram. Understanding how tags and views work is essential. A good SEO company can help with this.

3. Backlinks Should Be Quality, Not Quantity

It’s easy to pack your content with as many backlinks as possible, trying to legitimize your pages with reliable sourcing. This may improve your Google ranking or it may not. It’s much more of a toss-up than it was a few years ago when Google results were much more predictable than now. The best practice to follow either way is to optimize your content with excellent quality backlinks in fewer numbers, rather than trying to source every single thing you state on your site.

For brick and mortar business, local keywords will do you lots of good. For internet-based businesses, packing your site with keyword-rich content and only a few quality backlinks is the way to go. This will drive people to your site while also keeping you in high regard with search engine traffic.

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