Sell Bitcoin in Chicago at an ATM!

Sell Bitcoin in Chicago at an ATM!

You may not be aware, but you can sell your bitcoin in Chicago at an ATM! The process is simple and takes minutes. You do not have to go through a broker and you do not have to pay inflated fees to sell your bitcoin, all you need is the location of the ATM to sell your bitcoin fast and easy.

It is Genius

While bitcoin is not your traditional currency there is no reason that it can not be simplified for everyone to take advantage of this currency. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency that is on the rise in popularity. More vendors than ever are accepting them as payment including some very popular shopping sites like Amazon, Etsy and others. More people are showing an interest in bitcoin trading. It is a genius to make the process of buying and selling bitcoins at something as familiar as an ATM!


One of the best reasons to use an ATM to sell bitcoin is because it allows you to take advantage of an opportunity quickly. Bitcoin value has historically grown in value, and while there are thousands of merchants that accept bitcoin as payment, there are some occasions that you just need traditional cash. The process is quick and easy:

1. Choose to sell at the ATM menu
2. Receive SMS code to your phone
3. Enter the code
4. Choose the amount you want to sell
5. Get QR code to trade for cash

This simple yet effective way to sell your bitcoin is a great way to take advantage of the potential growth of bitcoin and cash it out right at the ATM. While this is a relatively new idea right now, it will be the way bitcoins are managed in the future.  Contact is right on time with their bitcoin ATM’s, look for one near you!

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