Selecting the Perfect Elevator for Existing Spaces

Most new construction includes elevators as part of the original plan for the building. There are situations that require an elevator be added to an existing structure. A residence that needs to be handicap accessible to accommodate an injured or elderly resident; a small Church with an aging population; or a large home that is being renovated into medical offices will all need elevators added. In some cases, an extension can be added that houses the elevator, with connections to floors or hallways. Pieces of the exterior wall can be taken out to allow the elevator to open onto a second or third floor, and the elevator can be installed in the new section of the building. That works well, if there is the yard space, if the ground is not rocky or marshy, and if the elevator can be accessed easily from the driveway or street.

In most incidents, an interior elevator has to be installed. That requires careful measuring, considering the power supply to the home or building, and selecting the right type of elevator. A private residence, for example, may only need enough elevator space for one wheelchair, depending on the needs and abilities of the person to be accommodated. It is possible the home may require space for a wheelchair and a care giver, or a wheelchair and children. A renovated building will require an elevator that is in compliance with zoning codes and safety regulations for public use.

An experienced company, such as Elevator Technologies Inc, for example, can help customers with creative solutions for selecting elevators that will fit the space, and suit the need, Working with top manufacturers of elevators, like Canton, Smartrise, and Custom Elevator Manufacturing, Inc., provides flexibility when developing strategies and solutions. Customers can visit the website for a complete list of manufacturers and products used, and to schedule a free consultation.

Once the best elevator system is selected, Elevator Technologies Inc can install it, repair it, and maintain it to ensure efficient operation. Proper maintenance will prolong the life or the system, keep the need for repairs down and the cost of repairs minor, and help avoid any breakdowns of the system. Preventative maintenance contracts are available to suit residential and commercial usage, needs, and budgets. Emergency repairs are available, as are repair and renovation services for the cab, shaft, motor, door, and interior.

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