When to See a Cosmetic Dentist, Find One in South Loop

When to See a Cosmetic Dentist, Find One in South Loop

Most South Loop residents know that their oral health is essential. However, many people are still under the misconception that you can only see a cosmetic dentist when you want to improve the appearance of your teeth. Many dentists now offer cosmetic dentistry as part of their comprehensive services, as more and more people focus on aesthetics and not just the health of their smiles.

Make Teeth Stronger

Regardless of what’s wrong with your teeth, such as discoloration or a minor crack, you want your teeth to be strong. They’re the toughest part of your body, but they can break and crack if you eat something hard. Therefore, many dentists focus on strengthening the enamel by using fluoride. While that can be helpful, teeth that are already cracked or broken are more susceptible to damage. Thin veneers, shell-like coverings, can hide imperfections and keep that tooth strong and resilient.

Those who have missing teeth can benefit from implants, which help you eat better and keep the jaw bone healthy.

Make Teeth Straighter

Many adults have minor tooth crookedness, and some should have had braces as a child and have a misaligned bite as a result. Dentists can use invisible braces or aligners that slowly move the teeth into the right position without requiring a lot of metal or discomfort.

Whiten the Teeth

The most common cosmetic treatment for the teeth is whitening, which can remove stains from smoking and dark beverages. You can feel more confident when you smile because you know your pearly whites are whiter and brighter.

A cosmetic dentist is likely to help you find ways to whiten and strengthen the teeth while providing general dentistry, as well. Visit South & West Loop Dental in South Loop at https://www.swloopdental.com to find out more about their dentists. Follow us on google+.

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