Saving Your Carpets from Water Damage in Chesapeake, VA

In the Chesapeake, Virginia area, much like any other area of the country, water damage is an ever-present danger for homeowners. Whether it’s because of flash flooding, extended periods of heavy rain or a plumbing malfunction, there are many different ways in which significant amounts of water can enter a home. While this can cause a problem for insulation, wall materials, and furniture, it can also be quite damaging to carpeted materials. That’s why working with a carpet cleaning service that handles water damage in Chesapeake VA can be so beneficial.

The first thing to understand is that even when carpeted materials are submerged in several inches of water, it doesn’t automatically mean that the carpet will need to be replaced. This is good news for anyone that knows anything about how expensive replacing carpeting can be. However, quick response is going to be important to ensure that the carpet stands the best chance of being salvaged.
The first thing a company that handles water damage in Chesapeake VA will do is remove the standing water. If the water is significant enough, the service may use several different water pumps to properly mitigate the standing water within a home. Once the standing water is removed, high suction tools will be used to extract the remaining moisture from the carpet. This suction will also help remove a certain amount of moisture from underneath the carpet, especially if carpet padding has been used.

The problem with suction is that it won’t remove all the moisture. In these instances, dehumidifiers are used to draw the moisture out of the air. In some places, the carpet may be pulled up as well as the padding in order to place high-powered blower fans in order to remove the lingering moisture from the carpet backing, the carpet padding and the sub-floor or concrete floor. The last step is to have the carpet professionally cleaned to remove any remaining dirt and debris, as well is to avoid unpleasant odors that may have been trapped in the carpet fiber from the flooding.

As you can see, simply because your home has been flooded with significant amounts of water doesn’t mean that the carpeting inside of your home is a lost cause. With quick response, water mitigation, proper drying and cleaning services, your carpet can still be saved even after the most devastating of home floods.

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