Save Water and Money With Professional Water Line Repair

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Business & Economics

Some of the most important plumbing jobs are dealt with inside the home including leaks in the fresh water supply and clogs in the drain lines, but one of the most expensive plumbing problems involves the main line that supplies water to the home. The expense is not just from the repair, but the cost in wasted water. This pipe runs from the municipal water connection source through the yard and into the home. Its source of entry will vary with the design of the property and the course the pipe takes usually depends on this entry point. In most cases the pipe will be as short as possible so the original installer can keep the trench small and easy to dig.

Water Line Repair usually involves digging the original pipe free and locating the problem. In some cases a leak will be immediately visible because the soil surrounding the pipe will be saturated. However, if the leak is under a foundation, driveway or patio it may not be noticeable. This is also true if the leak is small or it is facing downward and trickling into the soil. Unfortunately, these types of leaks can actually cost you more in the long run than a burst line. For households that have metered water systems a leak like this could run into the hundreds of dollars before it is noticed.

Sometimes finding these types of leaks are difficult. Plumbers often search the home for water leaks to little avail. Once this has failed they may resort to ground based imaging systems or ground penetrating radar to locate variances in the soil. This actually makes it easier to locate the problem pipe as well as where the leak has occurred. It can also make repairs much easier because the plumber can focus on this particular problem instead of replacing the whole pipe.

The main water line is arguably the most important part of your home’s plumbing. Without the water it supplies, the rest of the plumbing is useless. It is also one of the most neglected plumbing components because it is typically buried underground for protection. However, this pipe will eventually have problems and leaking water lines are something that every home owner should watch out for. If you think you need Water Line Repair be sure to contact a specialist like Horizon Services, Inc. to fix the problem.

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