To Save Money on the Best Home and Auto Insurance, Get It in Illinois

To Save Money on the Best Home and Auto Insurance, Get It in Illinois

A great way to save money and get the best home and auto insurance is to bundle it with one company. Bundling your insurance needs in Illinois gives you a discount. There are pros that should be considered.

  • Although discounts will vary based on circumstances, you can expect somewhere between 5 and 25 percent discount for each policy.
    You can insure your automobile and your home during a single get together with the agent or online portal.
    If both your auto and home are bundled, and you make an auto insurance claim, it is less likely that you will be dropped.
  • It is in your best interest to look at individual policies as well. It may be less expensive to buy home insurance from one company and auto insurance from another, especially if your auto insurance is expensive.

Should You Bundle both Home and Auto Insurance?

Most insurance companies are happy to bundle auto and home insurance, offering a discount. Usually, the larger the policy, the larger the discount; as houses cost more than cars, the biggest discount applies to home insurance. Bundling makes a great deal of sense for those who pay a high premium for their home insurance and a low premium for their car insurance.

If you have been in accidents or been given tickets, you may find that the auto insurance premium from a cheap car insurance company will be less than a 20 or 25 percent discount on your home policy.

Before you bundle your insurances, ask for several quotes for separate policies as well as bundled policies. You may find that the total premium of separate policies is less than the bundled premium. If this is the case, it makes financial sense to stay with separate policies.

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