Rustic Wood Doors: Choosing The Wood

The rustic look comes into popularity with regularity. It has its attractions among those who want to remind themselves of a simpler past. As a style, it has its followers. For those whose homes may be considered “rustic” or simple, it is important to carry the look throughout. This includes installing rustic wood doors.

Choosing Rustic Wood Doors

A rustic wood door can be categorized as a style. It may feature a certain number of panels. A simple single or two paneled door can appear to be plain and, assumed by some, to represent a simple or even rustic way of life. However, it is more than this feature that created the necessary requirement. Rustic wood doors most often are chosen for their overall appearance. This includes not simply panels but the color and nature of the wood. In other words, the major indicator of a rustic wood door is not so much its panel style but its wood.

Wood for Rustic Wood Doors

A variety of tree species produces the right type of wood for rustic doors. They provide a look that many see as an ideal representation of this characteristic or notion. Below is a brief and certainly not complete list of suitable “rustic” wood.

Ambrosia Maple: This is not a species. Rather the name “Ambrosia” refers to the appearance of the wood, which has been discolored by a fungus introduced to the tree by the ambrosia beetle.

Alder (Knotty): The cheery like hue of alder is an excellent choice for the construction of rustic wood doors. Its decorative knots and oh so subtle grain ensure it to be perfect. The only issue is the softness of the wood which may limit its application as an exterior door.

Cherry (Rustic): The pure range of colors available make this wood an attractive choice. The presence of knots, the color variations in the wood and the mineral streaking provide this wood with a distinct and unique rustic appearance.

Hickory (Rustic):  Its features, or attributes, are similar to those of rustic cherry. As a result is an excellent choice for rustic wood doors.

Pine (Knotty): The look, feel and scent of pine doors are sure to introduce or complete the rustic appeal for your home.

Red Oak (Rustic):  The winning combination of the right type of knots, variations in color variations, and mineral streaking produces a characteristically unique rustic appearance.

Quarter Sawn White Oak: This style of oak has long been associated with the American Arts and Crafts era. While the focus was on furniture, this species is an excellent material to produce timeless and classic rustic wood doors.

Rustic Wood Doors

It is plain from the above short list that you can reproduce or maintain the rustic look in your home. For interior and exterior doors, the choice of natural wood is a given. As to what type of wood, it is up to you. Check with distributors and door supply companies to find the specific type of rustic wood doors that will make complete the charming nature of your home.

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