Ruby and Contemporary Esthetics Illuminate Masons Jewellery Designs

The brighter and redder the ruby is, the more valuable it is. Masons Jewellery Designs has delivered hand-crafted customized jewelry for lucky owners for many years. Their intrepid focus on quality and speciality has earned them a high-standing position in the echelon of custom jewelry makers.

Ruby is the birthstone for July, but others have found it a wonderful buy. Rubies glow, and their bright red demeanor is highly cherished. It should come as no surprise that a ruby is one of the most sought after gemstones to add to contemporary jewelry. Aside from its gorgeous coloration, what makes ruby so desirable? Below are some facts about ruby gemstones and why they have become the choice stone for contemporary jewelry owners.

  • Ruby is one of the hardest of the 12 main gemstones. It ranks as number nine on the scale.
  • Ruby has a high level of translucence. This makes ruby rival the most popular stone in the whole line- the diamond. It has just enough transparency to be visible through the entire stone, but it gives a powerful glow despite this opaqueness.
  • Ruby was once considered on offshoot of the arguably less popular gemstone known as sapphire. Because of its popularity, the ruby was classified as its one unique gemstone recently.
  • High-grade, transparent rubies of a large size are rarer than diamonds of equal transparency and size. A large ruby is possibly the rarest of all mainstream gemstones.
  • Ruby is considered the longest-lasting stone in luster and visual quality. Even diamonds lose their coloration faster, as they need to be cleaned. The dark coloration of ruby hides the mild loss of colour better.

Buyers can obtain their own contemporary jewelry today at Masons Jewellery Designs. Enjoy FREE Shipping On All Orders Over $50. Add a small ruby to the piece or line the ring with small rubies that glow and illuminate the band. Ruby is the brightest and most astonishing of all gemstones. Considering its current rarity and social status, ruby has the potential to surpass even the industry leading diamond as the most sought after stone. It is certainly the most contemporary stone in the industry.

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