Roof Maintenance and Roof Repair in Dublin

Roof Maintenance and Roof Repair in Dublin

The roof on a home is something that does not get a great deal of attention. However, if you notice that a roofing slate has moved, is missing, or water is leaking into the home, roof repair in Dublin is something you want to attend to quickly. If a small or insignificant issue is not taken care of quickly, it can soon become a major issue.

Although having to completely re-roof a house is rare, there are potentially serious issues that must be taken care of. The longer the problem exists, the more expensive it is going to be to repair. Some common roof repair issues are:

Slipped or Missing Tiles: Fortunately, water leaks are usually only a problem when several adjacent roof tiles or slates are missing. Homes built during and after the 1950s have an underlay. Any rain that penetrates under the tiles is usually channeled into the gutter. Homes built before 1950 generally did not have a felt underlay. Older roofs are often problematic.

If there are only a few missing tiles, re-fixing replacements is a rather straightforward job.

Sagging Roof Slopes

A slight sag is common next to gable ends. If the building structure is in good condition, and there are no water leaks, a certain amount of roof sag is acceptable. In more severe cases, structural work must be undertaken. Unacceptable sagging may be the result of overloading, undersized or incorrectly spaced roof timbers.

Roofs that have been overloaded or weakened can be repaired by installing additional purlins. If the roof is sagging due to the settlement of the walls that are supporting the roof, wall stabilization work must be accomplished before roof repair can take place.

Regardless of the problem, roof repair in Dublin is something that cannot be avoided.

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