Romantic Boat Weddings at St. Simons Island

Romantic Boat Weddings at St. Simons Island

Every bride wants the perfect venue for her wedding. The venue must be memorable, beautiful, and special. One spectacular wedding venue is a romantic boat wedding at St. Simons Island.

Romantic boat weddings at St. Simons Island will be remembered forever in the hearts of all who attend. Getting married on a boat is fun, easy, and cost-effective.

A wedding on the water is the ultimate celebration for couples who love the sea. Boat weddings range from the extravagant to a small, private wedding. When considering a wedding on the water, do not just think of large cruise ships. Consider a charter boat for your wedding at St. Simons Island.

Charter Boat Rental

The majority of the people who get married on the water do not own their own boat. They will rent a boat from a charter company.

Many charter boat companies will offer standard wedding packages for their clients. Each package will differ by duration on the water, boat amenities, number of guests, food, and beverage.

The best part about a wedding on a charter boat is the charter company will take care of all the details. All you have to do is determine what you want, relay it to the charter company, and enjoy your wedding.


Most rental places will also hold the reception on the boat. The type of reception depends on your budget. Receptions on a boat can be hors d’oeuvres, a sit -down dinner, or anything in-between.

Many charter companies have a working relationship with local caterers and bakers who will provide a discount if you use their service.

When you are ready to say “I do,” say it to your beloved while on a luxury boat. Live your dream of a romantic boat wedding at St. Simons Island. You, your beloved, and your guest will remember your wedding and have a great time celebrating your special day.

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