The Role of Legal Interpreters in the American Courtroom

For much of its existence, America has held the promise of opportunity and freedom for immigrants worldwide. Few nations see such a continuing increase in cultural diversity. No matter where an individual comes from or what language they speak, though, one fact is universal: to enjoy citizenship or residence in America, the laws of the land must be observed.

Language barriers can make understanding and therefore adhering to the law difficult for some immigrants. This is why legal interpreting is so important to the American legal system, and why the professionals who provides these services are in increasing demand.

What Does a Legal Interpreter Do?

The job of the legal interpreter is multifaceted. These professionals are tasked not only with translation and real-time interpretation of court proceedings, but also with understanding the laws they are dealing with well enough to explain them in multiple languages. This means that not only do interpreters who serve in the legal system require proficiency in multiple languages, but also a degree of legal training and education. Talk about an impressive resume!

Where to Find Interpreting Services

With the increasing demand for these services, many American law firms employ their own team of legal interpreting professionals. Comparatively, however, this is still uncommon. For most legal professionals and their clients, the best course of action when seeking translation and interpretation services is to look for an independent provider. Linguistics services are available across the United States, but in some smaller communities these services may be hard to find. In this case, it may be best to consult an online provider with national and international certification. In doing so, everyone from legal professionals to plaintiffs came be sure that they understand the legal proceedings they face, and keep American communities safe, secure and within the limits of our laws.

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