Rigid Sign Printing Services – Creating the Marketing Signs You Need

For many small businesses, signs are an important means of advertising and marketing the existence of a company and its products and services. However, signs can be used both indoors and outdoors, and often rigid sign printing is used to direct visitors around an office or to alert employees to off-limit or hazardous areas. New York Banner can help businesses of all sizes to create the signs that are most appropriate for their application.

Sign Types
Outdoor signs are used to direct visitors or for marketing purposes. They can be found on walls, awnings and rooftops; hanging as banners; standing alone by buildings and sometimes displayed on the sides of trucks and cars.

Indoor signs are usually attached to walls or hung from ceilings. These signs are usually created for use in a reception area or to direct visitors. Trade show displays often use rigid sign printing as well.

Sign Materials
Signs are made of several types of materials, the choice of which is determined by the application.

Signs for both indoor and outdoor use can be made of polyvinylchloride or PVC. They are resistant to water and the lettering is resistant to ultraviolet rays. These signs are used mostly for display stands.

Foamcore is primarily used for indoor applications. Due to its delicacy, it is primarily used for placing on easels for presentations or as a wall sign. Similar to foamcore is GatorFoam which is an extruded polystyrene foam. It has a wood fiber and melamine veneer to give it extra strength. Signs made of this material are used for museum displays and presentations.

Signs can also be made of aluminum which is long-lasting and does not rust or aluminum sandwich boards with a polyethylene core and one sheet of corrosion resistant aluminum permanently bonded on each side.

Designing Signs
Many factors go into the design of signs. New York Banner is known for its expertise in helping businesses designing effective, long-lasting signs.

One of the key factors is the distance the average viewer will be from the sign. How easily the sign can be viewed will also be affected by lighting, time of day and obstructions from other buildings or objects. Other factors to consider are the wear and tear of the sign, ensuring that the appropriate materials are used in its creation. Signs can be destroyed not only from weather conditions, but also from travel and general mishandling.

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