Reviewing Requirements For Auto Insurance In Boston

All Massachusetts drivers are subject to the same penalties if they don’t comply with insurance laws. These laws require them to obtain coverage according to a no-fault guideline. Any driver that doesn’t comply with these laws receives a violation notice in the mail. They must provide proof of coverage to the DMV or face administrative penalties. Insurance agents are available to help these drivers acquire adequate Auto Insurance In Boston coverage.

Evaluating the Requirements for Insurance

Currently, all drivers must acquire bodily injury coverage that provides $20,000 for each individual injured. It also provides $40,000 total for the entire accident. This coverage is afforded to accident victims that aren’t the vehicle owner.

In addition to this coverage, drivers must acquire personal injury coverage. This coverage provides $8,000 for each individual injured who were inside the policyholder’s vehicle. This provides medical coverage for these injuries.

The policies must provide coverage for injuries caused by an uninsured driver. It should may $20,000 for each individual and $40,000 for the total accident. The policy should also provide $5,000 for property damage for other parties excluding the policyholder. This includes their vehicle and any additional property that was damaged during the accident.

Exploring Additional Coverage

Comprehensive coverage increases the minimum coverage allowances. Vehicle owners are required to obtain this level of coverage if their vehicle is financed. They may also increase their coverage to this level to acquire further services. These services may include a rental car if their property is damaged and roadside assistance.

Registering a New Automobile or Renewing Registration

According to the laws of Massachusetts, all vehicle owners must obtain insurance before they register a new vehicle. They must provide evidence of coverage to the DMV to show adequate coverage. The DMV monitors policies and could issue fines if the coverage lapses.

Massachusetts drivers must comply with all auto insurance requirements according to state laws. They are subject to the minimum insurance requirements under a no-fault system. These opportunities reduce the potential for litigation after an auto accident occurs. Drivers who need to purchase Auto Insurance Boston should contact Sawyer Insurance Agency Inc. or browse website for more information today.

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