Reviewing Dog Bite Injury Law in St. Charles, MO

In Missouri, all pet owners must follow laws associated with owning a dog. If the owner doesn’t maintain control of the animal, the risk of a dog attack increases. A local attorney provides legal assistance under dog bite injury law in St. Charles, MO.

What Penalties Does the Owner Face?

The victim files a claim for their injuries through civil proceedings. If the owner is found liable, they must pay the full medical expenses incurred by the victim. If the dog was involved in a previous attack, the owner is charged with a Class B misdemeanor and must pay a $1,000 fine. However, if the dog causes a serious injury, the offense is increased to a Class A misdemeanor. A Class E felony applies if a serious injury occurs in both attacks. A Class D felony applies if the victim dies.

When Is the Victim not Eligible for Compensation?

The victim isn’t eligible for compensation if they shared the blame for the accident. Any criminal offense that led to the attack forfeits the victim’s right to compensation. The most common offenses are trespassing, animal cruelty, and home invasions.

Are There Laws About Vaccinations?

Yes, all dogs must be vaccinated for the rabies virus. Any failure to vaccinate the dog leads to penalties and fines. An unvaccinated dog involved in an attack increases the pet owner’s liability. Upon the discovery of the violation, the animal control officer issues a notice for a quarantine. The quarantine requires the owner to take the dog to a vet and pay for boarding costs for 12 days. The vet evaluates the dog for any signs of rabies. The owner must also pay the fine and the full cost of vaccinations before picking up the dog.

In Missouri, dog attacks could produce life-threatening injuries. Failure to prevent an attack leads to liability for the pet owner. Under local laws, pet owners could face criminal charges if their dog was involved in a previous attack. Quarantine periods are required if the dog wasn’t vaccinated. Victims who need help under dog bite injury law in St. Charles, MO are encouraged to Contact Niedner Law right now.

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