On Being a Responsible Gun Owner

There are a lot of people who think that because they grew up around guns that they know about guns. This is not the case. You can live around guns all your life and be careless – but the consequences can be deadly. Statistics on accidental firearms deaths underscore that point. If you can’t clean them safely, store them responsibly, and treat firearms with respect – or if you’re simply not willing to learn how – then owning one probably isn’t your best option.

Steps to Being a Responsible Gun Owner

The first step toward being responsible means that you learn from professionals at website who know firearms inside and out. Your basic license to carry classes go a long way toward teaching you the basics of firearms safety and how to use them. You’ll also get to know the laws governing firearms use, including the Texas Open Carry and Concealed Carry laws. The course also covers conflict resolution, use of force, knowledge of the law, and the penalties that breaking the law entails. It’s a one day class, comprising a classroom session and then some time at the range for a hands-on learning. It’s one day that can give you enough training not to be the next statistic.

Don’t Be A Couch Commando

Guns are tools like any other; it’s the uses to which they are put that make them good or bad in the eyes of the public. Guns are not good or bad, but people can be, and their use or abuse of their guns is what needs to be talked about. If you don’t want to be a couch commando, learn about your weapon, and how to use it to keep yourself and your family safe.

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