Repair vs. Glass Replacement in Long Island

Most auto insurance claims are for glass damage – over 7.5 million are filed each year. Of those claims, almost 80% are for windshields. If your car’s windshield is damaged, you should understand the differences between replacement and repair. By knowing what to expect, you can get the repairs you need with minimal inconvenience. Listed below are the most important questions you can ask a window glass repair company.

Can a Damaged Windshield be Repaired?
In most cases, rocks and other debris cause windshield damage. Most people think that the rock strikes the vehicle, but it is actually the vehicle (and its forward momentum) that strike the rock. Today’s windshields are lightweight, allowing the glass to form countless small cracks upon impact. A glass repair expert can often fill these cracks, as long as they are less than six inches in diameter. A windshield repair is not done for cosmetic reasons – it is done to restore the structural integrity of the glass.

Why Should I Choose Repair?
If your cracked or chipped windshield is subjected to sudden stress, the damage can spread. The most common causes are driving over speed bumps and potholes, rapid temperature changes and everyday use. Repairs are an efficient and economical solution that can prevent damage from spreading, resulting in costly glass replacement in Long Island. Most windshield repairs can be finished in a half-hour or less.

Should I have my Windshield Inspected?
A preliminary inspection can save you from paying from unneeded work. Not every blemish is a chip; sometimes, there are pits and scratches that do not reach the layer of vinyl in between the glass layers. Because this superficial damage does not affect the windshield’s structural integrity, repairs are not necessary.

What if my Windshield Can’t be Repaired?
If the damage is too extensive, close to the edge of the glass or in your line of sight, repairs are inappropriate. The cost of glass replacement in Long Island depends on the car’s make and model , and all windshields installed in the US must pass a minimum standard set by the NHTSA. When choosing an auto glass company, remember that Active Auto Glass has certified technicians and that all work is guaranteed.

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