Repair and Parking Lot Striping To Make A Parking Lot Look Great

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

While most don’t realize it, pavements and parking lots need a lot of maintenance. Not only do they affect the curb appeal of a business, but they help to provide a smooth driving surface for customers and patrons. A deteriorated parking lot can lead to a number of different issues in the future. It’s important for business owners to get the help of professional paving contractors to help with Parking Lot Striping, crack repair, and seal coating.

Parking lot striping is imperative in guiding drivers to available parking spaces and general maneuvering. Unfortunately, they can easily fade, making them difficult to see. A Paving contractor, like Design Construction, will be able to intensify the striping color. They can either paint over old lines, or work with businesses to design a new parking lot. They’ll be able to design an effective flow in the parking lot. Not only will they paint parking spots, but also drive markers and no parking lines. They’ll work with business owners throughout the process, ensuring that they get the right Parking Lot Striping.

The minute new asphalt is put down, it begins to deteriorate. Asphalt is very porous in nature and requires constant maintenance. The sun will cause the pavement to become brittle. This results in multiple cracks that will eventually lead to pot holes. Water enters these cracks and softens the base below the asphalt. It’s important to get cracks repaired immediately to avoid future headaches. Paving contractors can easily patch a crack as it forms, helping to avoid water penetration.

Seal coating can help protect the asphalt from numerous elements. Not only does it make a parking lot look new, but it also repairs existing damage and protects it from gas, water, sun damage, oil, and salt. Pavement contractors will cover the entire surface of the parking lot with the coating. It fills in the porous surface and cracks while drawing in heat from the sun. As it draws in heat, the asphalt becomes more pliable underneath the weight of traffic.

All in all, there are a number of great services business should take advantage of. The parking lot is often the first thing customers see when going to a business. A beautiful parking lot and curb appeal can make all the difference. With the help of professional paving contractors, the parking lot will look great for years to come.

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