Recycled HDPE Furniture for Your Garden

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Furniture

Sometimes making the right choice for your values and pocketbook is easy. Recycled HDPE is a great modern choice that can make for a very traditional or not-so-traditional presence in your garden. Just because something is a classic doesn’t mean that it can’t be fresh, or funky, or boho, or fill out your style in a unique and satisfying way.

What is HDPE?
High Density Polyethylene sounds pretty intimidating and not very green, but it is! Any time you pick up something plastic, odds are that you’re picking up HDPE. It’s used in half the aisles in the grocery store to make things like yogurt containers, margarine tubs, milk and juice jugs, water and soda bottles, household cleaner and detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, plastic bags, and cereal box liners. It’s environmentally friendly, creating no emissions in production, and doesn’t leach into foods or react to other chemicals. It’s also a material that adapts well to recycling – keeping it out of landfills.

Recycled HDPE is used to manufacture everything from plastic “lumber” for decks and building materials to office supplies, lawn and garden supplies, and it makes excellent patio furniture, too! Its closed molecular formula denies insects, mold, rot, and stains and will not chip, drack or splinter. It will not warp when exposed to water, or corrode in salt air, and is even UV resistant. So when you purchase a bench or table from the Breezta Ridgeline Collection, the color stays true and the furniture holds up to the elements. All you need to keep your HDPE furniture looking like new is a basic all-purpose cleaner, an occasional hosing down, or even a pressure wash. See your manufacturer’s care guidelines to keep it looking fresh and new, because this material is guaranteed for fifty years.

Other Environmental Bonuses
In addition to keeping plastic out of landfills, you’re also committing to saving forests and refusing to use PVC. Polyvinyl Chloride is one of the most toxic materials to produce, and can contain Bisphenol A and phthalates in addition to emitting dioxin during the manufacture, incineration, and landfill disposal of the substance. While it is being phased out, PVC remains a contaminant and health hazard in many areas, By buying and using HDPE products, you can help to increase demand for this green and earth-friendly alternative to PVC, and reduce the landfilling of millions of tons of plastic waste.

HDPE is a green and environmentally friendly choice for your garden furniture that helps keep plastic waste out of landfills and saves critical forests! Check out your options at Breezta Furniture or their Facebook page.

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