Reasons to Contact Patio Screen Installers in Hollywood, FL

A patio is a wonderful way to enjoy the backyard. Whether the space only fits a table, a few chairs, and a grill, or is immense, most homeowners will spend as much time as possible outside. The only drawbacks to a patio are direct sunlight and the bugs. It is difficult to relax after work or on the weekend while sweating, squinting, and getting bitten by mosquitoes. Contending with flies, bees, and palmetto bugs will also decrease enjoyment and drive people inside. Contacting Patio Screen Installers in Hollywood FL can change all that. Homeowners can spend more time outside in comfort without needing sunscreen or bug sprays.

Enclosing the patio with heavy-gauge aluminum posts and fiberglass screens allows people to be outside, feel the breezes, and admire their gardens. The materials are selected for their durability during strong winds, heavy rains, and hurricanes, and come with a five-year warranty. It will also help keep then interior cooler in the hot weather due to the shade produced by the enclosure. The new feature will also raise the value of the property. Customized designs can add beauty and style to the exterior. A simple patio will look stunning with a pitched frame, a dome shape overhead, or an awning-style screen cover at the top. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination. Color options for the screening are gray and charcoal. Contact us for details, a free estimate, and to set up a consultation.

In addition to being experienced patio screen installers in Hollywood, FL, contractors also provide several other services for residential and commercial customers. Balconies can be screened in, pool enclosures are available, and child safety fences are installed. Window screens are manufactured on-site for a perfect fit. New window installation, repairs, and preventative hurricane services are also offered. Hurricane panels, accordion shutters, and clip-fast storm shutters are available in many styles and colors. These are lightweight and easy to install to protect windows from hurricane-force winds, rain, and hail. The cost is affordable and much less than replacing or repairing broken windows. The shutters and panels also provide another layer of protection for the occupants, so they are well worth the investment.

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