Reasons to Consider Document Design Software

Many businesses realize the importance of sending out informative mailers to their customers. While most customers appreciate these mailers, some find them to be spammy or annoying. Instead of sending out the same thing to every single person in your database with mailing labels that say “or current resident,” improve your documents and produce personalized pieces that offer an eye-catching quality that will interest the customer to learn more or call in. Document design software will help you do that if used correctly.


If you are like many businesses, you use direct mail to interest possible customers to visit your website or store. In most cases, you will want to include coupons and other incentives to get people to visit you and hopefully purchase something.

Mailers in the past were on simple cardstock and boring, ensuring that they wound up in the trash without being looked at. However, marketing has changed with the use of document design software, making these mailers bright and colorful, informative and glossy so that potential customers become interested quickly and want to know more.

Along with the design software available, you can also consider name/address labels that print directly onto the mailer, providing barcodes and other helpful information that the USPS needs in order to get things sent quickly and efficiently.

While this type of marketing may not work for every business, if you find yourself sending bulk mailings out periodically, this software can help you.


Most businesses send out invoices or statements for work they perform or even a bill of sale. If your business does this for their customers, you may want to consider document design software to create colorful, personalized and informative invoices that can help you maintain billing and statements for your clients. This can include graphs, charts, graphics and targeted messages.

Whether you send out invoices to customers or not, you’ll want to maintain all those invoices and statements so that customers can peruse them if necessary. There is no reason not to consider document software to create the best-looking and easy to read options, making customers feel appreciated.

Most document design software applications are easy to use and will proof your documents before being printed to ensure no errors and professional look. You can send the document right from the computer to the printer with little to no extra work and are allowed to print many different things.

Document Design Software from Anchor Computer Software is just one of the many options available that can help your documents and mailers look professional, eye-catching and interesting.

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