Some Reasons to Schedule an Assessment With an Arborist in Fairfield, Connecticut

Some Reasons to Schedule an Assessment With an Arborist in Fairfield, Connecticut

Trees serve a variety of valuable purposes. They provide shade for human inhabitants and a habitat for beneficial animals and insects that can help protect the rest of the yard. They help to cool homes in the summer and protect them from harsh winter winds during the colder months. They can also raise a home’s property value. However, all of these advantages can only be conferred if adequate attention is given to their care.

Each species of tree or shrub has its own unique environmental needs. This applies to soil drainage and nutrients, spacing, pruning, the amount of sun they get, and a wide variety of other factors. For busy homeowners, there’s often simply not enough time in the day to give each individual tree the care it requires. That’s why property owners who are passionate about their landscaping often opt to hire an Arborist in Fairfield Connecticut for basic maintenance and emergency care.

Arborists have specialized knowledge of local and imported species and experience dealing with diseases, storm damage, and other issues that will occur over the tree’s life cycle. They know when the best time is to prune any given tree, how to keep it healthy, and how to identify potentially serious issues. Problems like broken branches and wide-spread infections may be easy enough for even the average homeowner to identify, but by the time these issues become obvious, it’s often too late to save the tree.

Periodic inspections can help to identify potential problems before they occur. An arborist can suggest the right fertilizer to use to encourage new growth, help to establish new trees quickly, and remove specimens affected by disease before it can spread to other trees. They can also provide valuable emergency services that can lessen long-term damage to trees themselves and ensure that surrounding property is not at risk.

The ideal Arborist in Fairfield Connecticut is one that is affiliated with a company that provides more comprehensive services. This allows for a more comprehensive yard care plan to be easily established and attended to by a team of professionals. Northeast Horticultural Services is an accredited company that can handle clients’ landscaping needs, provide organic services, and evaluate plant health in addition to evaluating individual trees. Visit for more information.

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