Ready to Sell Silver Flatware in Atlanta?

by | Oct 10, 2014 | World Wide Web

Do you want to sell silver flatware in Atlanta, but you are not quite sure what the process is like, or even where to start? This article was written just for you, if so. If you have silver flatware, you may have purchased it at an auction, had it given to you as a gift, or inherited it from a family member. Today, most tableware is made from materials like steel since they are so much cheaper than silver. However, in decades past silver flatware was the rule rather than the exception, and thanks to that many beautiful pieces of silver flatware are still in homes all over the United States. Put simply, silver flatware is a treasure, both for its beauty and for its monetary value. If there is ever a time when you need fast money, selling your silver flatware to a local pawn shop or silver buyer is a smart way to get the cash you need immediately.

When you prepare to sell silver flatware in Atlanta, one of the first things you will want to do is to separate your silver flatware by type. Since the flatware was often made so many years ago, the silver markings of the time were different than those that are commonly used on silver today. You may see only initials, only numbers, a combination of both, or even stamped insignias on the back of the flatware. Group them by markings if you have pieces with the same stamps, because this will make it easier for your silver buyer to identify the flatware when you sell it, and it can save you time.

The amount of money that you make from your silver flatware sale will depend upon several things, with age being one leading factor. The older pieces may tend to be more valuable, and they may have so much value that they are considered more valuable intact than they would be melted down. Antique pieces or pieces from very high end makers like Tiffany would fall into this category. Much of the silver flatware sold today will be immediately melted down so the silver can be used for other things. This will still yield you a very tidy sum, however, because silver values today are quite high and seem to be headed higher!

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