Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Professional Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut

Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Professional Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut

If a homeowner needs to hire a professional Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut, it is not a good idea to just select a company based on a commercial or referral. The fact is, tree work can be dangerous, and if proper care is not taken to find a quality and professional service provider, issues may arise. Some questions to ask prior to hiring a tree service company can be found here.

Do they provide customers with their certificate of insurance and a copy of the work contract?

This should be any homeowner’s first question. Be sure that the professional Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut is property insured. If they do not have insurance, then the homeowner may be held liable for any injuries or accidents that occur.

What credentials does the company have?

While credentials are not an absolute necessity, they provide a homeowner with peace of mind they have hired a company that fully understands the work they do. Some credentials to look for include ones from the Tree Care Industry Association or a company that is a Tree Care Safety Professional.

Will they provide customers with a list of references?

Any professional, quality company is not going to have a problem sharing a list of satisfied customers with new customers. Be sure to contact these former customers and ask them about the services they received.

Does the company offer a detailed estimate for the work to be done?

It is important for a homeowner to request written estimates from at least three different tree service companies. This will help them compare the quotes and find out which one is the best deal for the services that will be provided.

When it comes to tree service professionals, it is essential to take some time to find the right company for the job. Homeowners who have more questions can contact the staff at Northeast Horticultural Services to learn more. They can also Visit the website and browse the various services that are offered. Being informed is the best way to ensure that a quality and professional tree service is hired for the job.

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