Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Smog Station

Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Smog Station

Getting your car emissions tested for the first time doesn’t need to entail a day of stress and hassle. We’ve got you covered with the following questions to make it easier for you:

Which test is right for you?

The California DMV has two sets of smog checks. Find out which one applies to your ride based on your car’s smog check history. Also check your DMV registration documents. Does it mention Smog Certification required? Then that’s easy. You can simply go to any smog station and have the deed done. If it says Smog Certification required at a STAR Smog station, though, then you’ll need to look for a Star Smog station in Fairfield. The rule of thumb, though, is that older vehicles often require getting tested at smog stations that are Star certified while newer ones can often get a smog test at just any smog station, says SmogTips.

What do you need?

Bring along your driver’s license, proof of insurance as well as the title of the vehicle if you own it. You’ll need to have your registration papers with you as well. These documents are necessary and must be handed over before the testing starts.

What happens next?

Once you undergo the test and your vehicle passes it with flying colors, you will need to comply with a re-certification process that happens every 2 years. If you forget the dates for your next smog inspection, just check your registration renewal reminder. That should give you the information you need.

Do you need repairs?

If your car failed the test, you’ll need to look for a STAR test and repair station. However, if that’s not the case, then you won’t have to look for any other Star Smog station in Fairfield. To better understand the process, though, ask your technician.

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