Questions About Routine Checkups And Family Dentistry In Southaven MS

Parents should set a good example for their children by regularly scheduling dental visits for the entire family. During a routine checkup, a dentist who specializes in Family Dentistry in Southaven MS examines the teeth and looks for signs of tooth decay. To learn more about routine dental visits, read the answers to the questions listed below.

Q.) How old should a child be for a parent to schedule the first dental exam?

A.) As soon as a child cuts the first tooth, which is at around one year of age, a parent should schedule the first dental exam. Even though the child may only have one tooth, the dentist still needs to examine the tooth and look in the child’s mouth. Dentists can detect different types of tooth issues by looking at the teeth of a child. The dentist can tell if the child’s teeth are too crowded or if the teeth begin to grow crooked. Early detection of tooth problems in a child can prevent bigger problems in adulthood.

Q.) What are some common tooth problems that a dentist finds when looking at a child’s teeth?

A.) The most common tooth issue that’s discovered by a dentist during a routine exam is decay. Children often get cavities in their teeth and it’s important that a dentist finds these cavities as soon as possible before they get larger and painful for the child. The dentist will schedule another appointment for the child and during this visit the dentist will fill in the tooth cavity. The dentist first drills out all of the decay that’s in the tooth. Next, the dentist applies a filling material, often silver amalgam for children, into the drilled out space. Adults who need to have a tooth filled often choose resin as their filling material because it’s the same color as their teeth. When a dentist who performs Family Dentistry in Southaven MS fills the cavity of an adult with resin, the filling is unnoticeable.

Bruce A. Denney provides full service dental care for children and adults. The specialties of this dental clinic include family care, preventative dentistry and cosmetic procedures for smile enhancement.

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