Protect Your Drains by Having Them Inspected Annually

Keeping the sewer drain line open and clean is something every homeowner should want to do. The best way to do this is to have a plumber come out with video inspection equipment. He can run the camera into the line and inspect the walls for grease and debris buildup as well as blockages. Tree roots can travel 100 feet seeking water, and the roots will get into the pipe and form a clog which causes a blockage. This inspection should be done annually.

The plumber in Memphis has special equipment known as a Hydro Jett to run into the sewer and blast the clog into pieces with high pressure water. If required, the technician can run cutter blades into the line which revolve at high speeds and chew up the clog. Either way, the clog is washed into the city sewer line.

Inspections of pipes under the slab can also be done, and leaks can be fixed. The highly trained techicians are able to find a leak under a slab quickly and repair it before it washes away any amount of dirt.

If the sewer line is cast iron and has rusted or broken up from shifting dirt, then the plumbing specialists can replace this line with PVC or CPVC piping. If the line is mostly intact but has leaks or broken pieces, then trenchless sewer line replacement can be done. This does not tear up the yard and it is a highly effective process.

The plumber in Memphis can find leaking pipes behind your walls, and the plumbing technicians can repair these leaks and check for the growth of black mold. Black mold is very unhealthy, and it should be eradicated by professional mold removal specialists.

All of the drains in the house should be inspected for leaks and blockages. Bathroom drains can become clogged with all sorts of foreign material which needs to be cleaned out before a major problem occurs. The kitchen drain should be inspected and particularly if you have a garbage disposal.

Taking care of your drains can save you trouble from backups and costly repairs. Visit website for more information.

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