Protect the Foundation and Control Water Shedding With Superior Gutters in Columbia MD

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Roofing

The roof is the main line of defense from rain, ice and snow. However, the roof simply sheds any water down the slope, which means the rain is saturating the soil around the building and possibly affecting its foundation. In fact, one reason that many homes require replacement Gutters in Columbia MD is because the current ones are damaged to the point that the foundation may already be in trouble. Excess water can pool because of large leaks or broken downspouts and wash away the soil that holds the foundation level. This can result in shifting or foundation cracks and some very expensive repairs.

Gutters come in several materials such as vinyl, aluminum and copper. Most homes have one of the first two because copper is much more expensive. However, copper tends to last a lot longer and aged copper gutters develop a great patina that many people enjoy. The typical Gutters in Columbia MD are installed by inserting gutter spikes through the trough and fascia and into the roof rafter. These spikes should have a ferrule that prevents water from leaking past its head. Loose spikes can be a serious problem and may be caused by the clogged downspouts or gutters. The weight of wet leaves and other debris can be more extensive than most people realize. Plus, leaves blocking the downspouts can result in mold, which could cause health concerns.

Gutters need to be cleaned and checked frequently. Any major storm could cause damage and require their repair or replacement. This is often more true for vinyl gutters since the material tends to tear rather quickly. Aluminum and copper gutters are often easier to repair because the damaged areas can be cut away and replacements soldered into place. Another area where gutters may develop issues is the joint that connects the downspout. Excessive weight on this connection can cause the metal or vinyl to tear and allow the gutter to leak. Gutters may also come with protective guards designed to keep debris away from the trough. This guard should be cleaned regularly to prevent any blockages. Learn more about the installation and repair of gutters from the professionals at Politz Enterprises Inc.

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