Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening in Lakewood

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Dentist

Professional Teeth Whitening in Lakewood is the most widespread dental technique on the planet today. Unlike home whitening products that incorporate small-dose bleaching agents, bleaching in a doctor’s office takes place under a watchful eye, which allows for a controlled, pain-free, safe use of a moderately high concentration gel. Results of the procedure will be visible immediately. Even though Cosmetic Dentistry has used this procedure for over a century, it has only been within the past decade or so that it has become affordable to the masses.

Benefits of whitening at the dentist

  • There isn’t another Teeth Whitening in Lakewood procedure that gives a faster result.
  • This is the best way to whiten teeth.
  • Monitoring of sensitive gums and teeth, which in the past could not be done, is better today because of the greater density of the peroxide gel. These are not absorbed in the mouth as much as they used to be. They also use desensitizers, like potassium nitrate or fluoride.

Disadvantages of whitening at the dentist

  • Teeth Whitening in Lakewood is more costly than its domestic alternatives. And even though its cost is much higher than home remedies, it takes far less time to show the results that you wouldn’t get with pharmacy bleaching and whitening strips, which also take more time to brighten your teeth.
  • Consequences cannot be predicted based on such factors as heredity, age, and the sort of stains that you have.
  • Whitening is not the solution for your problem every time. Shortly after the treatment is completed, your teeth may still acquire stains. Therefore, many dentists recommend you whiten your teeth at home using a low concentration of bleach, which can be applied to the teeth for a long period of time.

Spots are best removed by bleaching in the doctor’s office

Teeth whitening in the dental office can remove stains of organic origin, or discoloration that appeared due to the following factors:

  • Aging. After some time, teeth darkens to a yellow, green, or gray tint, which may be caused by hereditary and eating habits. Yellowing teeth can be whitened more successfully that other tints.
  • Intake of certain foods, particularly coffee, red wine, soda or dark vegetables and fruits.
  • Even tobacco use.

Having your teeth whitened can change your life. Do not wait any longer than you have to when getting this procedure done. For more information, contact your local dentist today.

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